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    General presentation

    National Office of Social Insurance of the Republic of Moldova (NOSI) is a central administrative authority subordinated to the Government of the Republic of Moldova, with legal personality, that administers and manages the public social insurance system. NOSI was founded in 2001 on the basis of the Law no 489/1999 regarding the public social insurance system.

    NOSI ensures the implementation of the state policy in the following fields of activity:

    1)   management of the State Social Insurance Budget (SSIB) (the second state budget according to the volume of financial means);

    2)   record of payers and social security contributions at SSIB;

    3)   the establishment and recording of the payment of social benefits.

    NOSI’s vision „WE PROTECT YOUR FUTURE”. National Office of Social Insurance is an innovative and modern authority, which enjoys a high level of trust of the population and guarantees quality public services in case of future occurrence of certain social risks.

    Thus, NOSI tends to a continuous development, with an efficient and flexible management, is available for cooperation with all the actors in the society, as well as with the similar organizations from other states, in order to establish and extend the partnership, to innovate and find fast and efficient solutions for modernization, solutions that generate visible and efficient results in the implementation of priorities in management the available resources.

    The use of modern technologies and employees potential are the key elements for the development of the NOSI and for provision of qualitative services to beneficiaries.

    During the last years the NOSI, has been implemented modern technologies with regard to the provision of public services, namely:

    1.      offering the possibility to submit applications to citizens in electronic format applying for requesting allowances addressed to families with children and paternal allowances, as well as applying establishing / re-examination of old-age and  disability pension;

    2.      implementation of the governmental service of electronic payments MPay for the payment of compulsory state social insurance contributions and for the distribution and payment of social benefits;

    3.      launching/development of electronic information services (Access-CPAS, Status of the medical certificate, Retirement Age Calculator, Pension Calculator, Online appointment at the Territorial Office of Social Insurance);

    4.      integration with modern eGovernment platforms (public services portal and government data portal, MCloud, MConnect, MPass, MSign, MNotify, MLog, MCabinet, Mpower);

    5.      implementation of the Informational System "e-File" for beneficiaries of indemnities addressed to families with children, maternity and paternal indemnities;

    6.      the proactive establishment of the maternity indemnities and the indemnities for temporary incapacity for work, without the need of beneficiary to submit the application to request the respective indemnity (proactive public services);

    7.      elaboration of the electronic transfer software in the Information System "e-Docplat" of "payment orders" in order to transfer pensions abroad.



    The activity of NOSI is supervised by the Board of Directors, which is a collegial body consisting of  12  persons  (president  and  11  members),  representatives  of  the  Government,  Employers'

    Association, trade unions and of the organizations of pensioners, advanced to the position of members on the principle of proportionality.


    NOSI is headed by a general director, its appointment and dismissal from the position is carried out by the Government. Within the authority activate there deputy general directors and hold the status of senior civil servants, their appointment and dismisson from public office, is made by the Government under the Law no 158/2008 regarding the public function and status of civil servant and they are directly subordinated to the general director.


    The state public social insurance system is an integral part of the social protection system, having as main objective the guarantee of an income to insured persons by providing some benefits in case of their inability to obtain salary incomes at the occurrence of certain social risks like: old age, disability, loss of maintenance, unemployment, temporary incapacity for work, maternity, etc.


    Over the years, the activity of NOSI has been and remains oriented to the compliant implementation of the social policies of the state, on the implementation of projects and reforms in the field of social protection, having as essential premises ensuring the financial sustainability of the public social insurance system and providing quality public services to the population. Currently NOSI, are the second authority in the Republic of Moldova by the number of public services provided.

    The National Office of Social Insurance has the mission to implement the state social policies oriented towards guaranteeing the social rights of citizens by administration the public social insurance system and the state social insurance budget.

    1.    The implementation, monitoring and reporting of the state policies in the entrusted areas;

    2.    provision of public services in the field of social insurance;

    3.    the organization of the systems of planning, execution, accounting records and reporting of the means of the state social insurance budget;

    4.    elaboration and submission of proposals regarding the state policy in the field of social insurance, as well as for the purpose of improvement the legislation;

    5.    the normative regulation of the mode of administration of the public social insurance system.

    The medium-term priorities both from the perspective of the beneficiary and of the NOSI for the years 2021-2026:

    1.      Transparency and compliance of SSIB funds management;

    2.        Accessibility and quality of public services provided to beneficiaries;

    3.        Organizational and institutional management oriented towards quality and efficiency.

    The NOSI`s activity is based on the principles of legality, transparency, professionalism and efficient governance.

    The indispensable values of the NOSI`s employees, in order to continue to maintain the authority`s-motor of change, are: professionalism and competence, awareness and communication, dedication and teamwork, creativity and innovation, ethics and integrity.

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