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    Secure your future today!


    By participating in the public state social insurance system, we can offer joy and protection to those in need today, as well as secure our own future.

    The social insurance system offers you protection in case of loss of income as a result of risk situations such as: old age, illness, maternity, partial, temporary or total loss of working capacity, work accidents and occupational diseases, unemployment. The purpose of social insurance is to guarantee a decent standard of living for people, by granting appropriate and sufficient social insurance benefits in the event of a social risk.

    The need for social insurance is conditioned by the exposure of all persons to certain risks and circumstances, as a result of which they are unable to provide for themselves.

    Thus, by currently paying social insurance contributions you will benefit in the future from a guaranteed income in case of its loss, in the form of: pensions, indemnities, aids, benefits for the prevention of illnesses and the recovery of work capacity and other benefits, provided by legislation. It should be mentioned that the size of the benefit granted is conditioned by the duration of the contribution period (work), the size of the salary, as well as other factors that are stipulated in the respective legal framework.

    Take care now to pay social security contributions, showing social responsibility towards those who need protection today, for being social protected tomorrow.

    If you do not insure yourself against the risks of loss of income, you will not be able to benefit from the appropriate social protection, being unable to ensure a decent live, including for your family. Thus, given the fact that social benefits are due on the basis of social insurance contributions paid, in case of non-payment of contributions you will only benefit from a state social allowance.

    For example, in 2022 (as of January 1st) the average old-age pension (for persons who have been active in the labor field and have paid social insurance contributions) is 2595.31 lei, and the social allowance for elderly persons (for people who did not meet the legal conditions to benefit from a pension) is 998.33 lei.

    "The results of your efforts today will surely appear as tomorrow's reality.  Where you are tomorrow depends on how wisely and effectively you use the hours available today." 

    Herbert Harris

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